Licence Summary
Basic Details
Licence Status   Expired
Licence Type   VHF FM >=20 & <30dBW (Spectrum) Fixed Term   Yes
Licence ID   71233 Commencement   01-Jan-2004
Application ID   Expiry   02-Apr-2011
Licence Number   12462 Fees Paid On   15-Dec-2010
Mgmt. Right ID  
261 (88.400000 - 106.630000 MHz)
Annual Licence Fees   $150.00
Callsign   Paid up till   April 2015
      Anniversary Month   December
Certified By   Certified On  
Registered On   23-Dec-2003      
      Expired On   02-Apr-2011
Spectrum Details
  Channel Low (MHz) High (MHz) Ref. Freq. (MHz) Power dBW (eirp) Emission Polarisation
  FM197 93.672000 93.928000 93.800000 20.0 256KF8EHF Mixed or Linear
Site Details - Transmit Location
  Location Name Grid Reference
  WAIHI BC36 584.10 561.84
Site Details - Receive Protection Location
  Location Name Grid Reference MPIS
  WAIHI BEACH BC36 604.12 553.87 43.0 dBV/m
  Licence Id Licence No. Ref. Freq. (MHz) Tx Location Grid Reference  
  108445 206158 Remarks: Renewal of Rights Associated Licence  
  132537 220690 Remarks: Transition and Pre 2011 Associated Licence